Kshatriya Associations of North America has Conducted Annual Kshatriya event on 23rd, 24th December 2016 in Bay area, California, USA

5th Executive Committee Meeting and All Samithi Meeting of The Federation of Kshtriya Seva Sanghams were successfully completed on 21st & 22nd January 2017 at Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh

National Sammelan is postponed due to unavoidable circumstances and the new dates will be communicated shortly


The Federation of Kshatriya Seva Sanghams will have quarterly review meetings. All the Executive Committee Members will attend these meetings and review the progress of the organisation. The FKSS is always prefer to be transparent and accountable to it’s donors and beneficiaries as well.


FKSS is keen to promote the culture and heritage of the community. Giving respect and honour to Artists from Kshatriya community is our responsibility. Thus; FKSS encourage artists from various fields by giving space for their performances during our programs.


FKSS recognise the talented people of the community and publish their achievements thorough it’s Monthly Magazine Kshatriya Prabha. By reading these article most of the other community youth will be motivated and get interest towards extracurricular activities.

Supporting Needy

One of the objectives of FKSS is to identify and support the needy people. FKSS and it’s members Samithies give annual scholarships to the poor and meritorious students who are studying intermediate and above. The selected student will be given scholarship till he/she completes education.

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